What is the right code of conduct?

A white blond guy with blue eyes, accompanied by a wheatish fellow walked into my office last year in April. They turned out to be students of computer engineering at NED University Karachi. We talked for about 2 hours and by the time our session ended, we had finalized a sponsoship deal for an annual all-Pakistan competiton encompassing different areas of computer science. Those students, Omair Feroz Sheikh and Arsal were later to become very good acquaintances of mine.

Having an experience of managing more than 200 different events, I was able to guide them through the event execution process. Complimenting my expertise were the intellect and eagerness of the students who picked up quickly. The result was a very smooth and flawless event.

One year later, the new team of the event approached me and after a short-lived communication, we decided to go with another similar event parallel to the former held by another department of the same univeristy, while politely refusing the former. The team offered no discussions then.

Days passed until a collegue of mine reported the team badmouthing us for not sponsoring them at some other gathering. They also demanded my company to give explanations for refusal. This reaction was the least I could expect from decent, learned students!

Is that the way a responsible team should behave? Instead of developing cordial relations with the industry, they are whipping the reputation with misguided remarks. Probably the university shall look into what communication ethics their students are catching up.


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