The world of Brands

One fine morning I wake up by the loud alarms of my “Sony Ericcson CyberShot K790i”, turns the alarm off, turn off my “Mitsubishi” split, look at my “Citizen’s” wall clock (Wow! am on time! ), get up from my “Molty Ortho” foam (It’s hard to leave you but…) put on a “Habbit’s” teak-wood bed, wear my “Chen-one’s” slippers and get into the relax room. After getting done with my “Sensodyne” toothpaste, “Axe” Shower gel, I come out and dry myself to put on “Docker’s” Khakis and “Marks & Spencer” Shirt; a “Mont Blanc” cuffling,  a “Silkskin” tie and a “Hush Puppies” footwear.  I like to have “Kellog’s” cereals with “Nestle” milk in the morning accompanies with a “Lipton” tea. Before leaving home, I wear my “Brietling’s” wrist watch, put on “Azzaro”, lit a “B & H – Duty Free” ciggeratte and walk out to my “Suzuki” car outside.

Without even noticing, we are living in the world of brands. So much so that our lives are being governed by it. There are even more brand names involve in my brisk one hour of the mroning which I didn’t mention, like the “French” most couple exchange before parting or those invisible to the naked eye. 

Most companies have used the art of branding to their way up the leadership ladder. Building brand equity, brand recall, brand essence and brand focus on their way.


Procom.Net 2009 defeats terrorism

Procom.Net 2009 is being held today – on 2nd May, Saturday at FAST-NU Main campus amidst city violence and law & order insecurities. Two “Thumbs- up” to Ammar Faheem (, President Procom.Net, his entire team and the faculty of FAST-NU. Well done!!!

Originally scheduled to be a two-day event (30th April & 1st May), Procom was reduced to an abridged version by the ethnic violence that erupted in the city on the night of Wednesday. Gloom prevailed and the event seemed to be in doldrums. The participants were stuck and was waiting wih their fingers crossed to hear the new date, if any. There came Mr. Ammar with his excellent pressure-handling skills backed by his reliable team; and announced the new date. The timings are 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

More than 400 participants comprising 150+ teams from all over the country thronged the 12 competiions being held.  Overall, the crowd has surpassed 800 figure. That includes representtaives from 10 or more sponsors, FAST-NU senior faculty members, industry executives, participants, students and visitors. I could see media people taking snaps as well but the media information is yet to come. 

These young bright individuals together have given a very strong message to all the terrorists and negative elements of the society out there….”We have defeated violence; We have defeated terrorism; We have defeated all conspiracies to sabotage our progress and We’ve beaten all the odds….We rise above all problems and we are the Champions, the future, the Winner”

I recall a song here, although its indian, but the intent here is to deliver the message

” Yahan kai hum sikandar……….hari baazi ko jeetnaaa humay ata hai !” 

Play Ball!!!