The Convergence of Brands!…An extract

……..Technically speaking, any registered trademark/name/logo is treated as a brand name. There are already millions of registered trademarks in the world and many more will be registered. However, in its true essence, brand is only a perception in the mind of a consumer. All corporate warfare, struggle to increase market share, boost sales, capture markets, expand regions, sustain growth and increase loyalty to product(s) or service(s) is actually a battle of brands. The brands battle to create a favourable perception in the minds of prospects. Thus, all brands are engaged in a battle of perceptions……..

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3 thoughts on “The Convergence of Brands!…An extract

  1. An interesting read Faiz bhai. Not just from marketing perspective, name itself makes a huge difference in everyone life 🙂

  2. It’s true that brand to a great extent is what customers perceive it to be but that I believe is when a brand is emerging; once famous, then the customers are made to perceive what a company wants them to. Many people then become followers of a particular brand to simply satisfy their *brand-consciousness* :)..would you agree?

  3. The perception not only has to be build but also has to be emphasized and re-emphasized. Deviating from that one word, that a brand owns in a customer’s mind, has more than often proved catastrophic across all industry verticals in the past 100 years, at least.

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