The Convergence of Brands!…An extract

……..Technically speaking, any registered trademark/name/logo is treated as a brand name. There are already millions of registered trademarks in the world and many more will be registered. However, in its true essence, brand is only a perception in the mind of a consumer. All corporate warfare, struggle to increase market share, boost sales, capture markets, expand regions, sustain growth and increase loyalty to product(s) or service(s) is actually a battle of brands. The brands battle to create a favourable perception in the minds of prospects. Thus, all brands are engaged in a battle of perceptions……..

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All Around the Mulberry Bush – Pop Goes the Weasel !!!

The delimma of real world

Many weeks and many incidents later. I finally found something compelling enough to write amidst a damn hectic life (do not doubt my processor scheduling capability, its more of a memory overflow).

By the grace of Almighty, me and my wife were blessed with a daughter last week. Provided that our first and beloved son, Amaan,  had lost the 6 months long battle against his life last year, the birth of another baby was an emotional situation too overwhelming to tackle initially. Especially when it was a high risk pregnancy for my wife this time; a pregnancy where the mother and the child were threatened with life from Day 1.

What had gone wrong with my son or what we have been through the last two years is only enough to be covered in books; a few hundred lines on a web page just won’t be able to handle it. There is too much to tell, reciprocate or cherish. Indeed, there are no regrets. To keep it short & simple, my son had been administered over 1400 injections (all 3rd generation anti-biotics) over the span of six months, besides innumerous blood tests / cultures and other investigations. On the day he died, a canola was made on his head since no other space was left un-drilled on his body; and yet the last thing I remember of him, before he bid us farewell, was his un-failing smile. What a heroic courage my son possessed….

Not getting drifted away and coming back to my wife’s recent c-section, it was another nightmare. In my entire life, I had never seen such unprofessional, irresponisble and unfriendly attitude of a hospital staff. With the exception of labour room staff and my wife’s doc Dr. Luman Shiekh (a person of great calibre, heart and profession; a beautiful person to know; indeed a gift of God to all those high-risk pregnant women out there- while not forgetting her companion Dr. Asma). Where the doctor cared and pampered us both emotionally and mentally, the disrespectful treatment of the B2 ward staff actually tortured our minds & hearts. There was no sense of hygine, ruthless treatment of child and absolutely non-cooperative, aggressive staff (this excludes a few, very few exceptions).

My wife was left in severe pains, after the c-section, without proper dosage of pain killers untill the concerned physician came on round and took strict notice of it. When discharged, the doctor on duty was negligent enough not to undo the wound’s dressing, left to rot and create infections. My wife was fortunte to notice it on third day herself and notified the concerned persons who said, “Well, it’s not that big a negligence!!”. Even the removal of the dressing was done in a hurry and with highly un-professional attitude. However, a doctor on duty in labour room dept. took my number and said that some relevant person will call you and apologize for the mal-treatment that could have possibly turned into serious disorders. Let’s wait and see…

This was highly ironical given that the docs at AKUH were taking special interest in my daughter due to her sibling’s medical history. Probably that’s how they get the case studies.

My elaboration of the agonies I faced in Aga Khan University Hospital will continue. This is not to bring any bad name to the prestigious institution, but to bring to notice to the authorities what is going wrong right under their noses. I know quite a few of the influential oldies / starters of AKUh who are gems of persons and an institution in theemselves, but the tradition is dying out. In my recent most encounter, I honestly felt as if I were at some funds-deprived, neglected government hospital haunted by ghost doctors.

I wonder if they are accountable to anybody or anyone will stand up and speak…

It “is” the right code of conduct

When I talked about reckless driving and uncivilized behaviour, I had either not observed or thought about the trend setters.  Recently, many new government (read democratic) vehicles have popped up on the roads of Karachi that have assumed the role of road warriors.  They can overtake you from the left, disobey any signal or speed limit, press horn as long as they wish to, may even block your car or engage themselves in a one-sdied road tussle with you. This can be irrespective of the presence of a family, pregnant women, senior citizens or kids inside the other non-government vehicle. Mostly, the driving seat is either occupied by chauffer or a young man apparantly not old enough to hold a high enough governmental post to be eligible for a high-end vehicle.

Since we follow democracy and have a people’s elected government, therefore those who elect follow suit with the elected. Natural and  justified.

What is the right code of conduct?

A white blond guy with blue eyes, accompanied by a wheatish fellow walked into my office last year in April. They turned out to be students of computer engineering at NED University Karachi. We talked for about 2 hours and by the time our session ended, we had finalized a sponsoship deal for an annual all-Pakistan competiton encompassing different areas of computer science. Those students, Omair Feroz Sheikh and Arsal were later to become very good acquaintances of mine.

Having an experience of managing more than 200 different events, I was able to guide them through the event execution process. Complimenting my expertise were the intellect and eagerness of the students who picked up quickly. The result was a very smooth and flawless event.

One year later, the new team of the event approached me and after a short-lived communication, we decided to go with another similar event parallel to the former held by another department of the same univeristy, while politely refusing the former. The team offered no discussions then.

Days passed until a collegue of mine reported the team badmouthing us for not sponsoring them at some other gathering. They also demanded my company to give explanations for refusal. This reaction was the least I could expect from decent, learned students!

Is that the way a responsible team should behave? Instead of developing cordial relations with the industry, they are whipping the reputation with misguided remarks. Probably the university shall look into what communication ethics their students are catching up.

Deteriorating Civic Sense

While I was driving back home from office yesterday, I saw an ambulance trying to make its way through the heavy 7:00 p.m. traffic on Shahra-e-Faisal.  The glasses of the ambulance were untinted so anyone within 10 metres distance could easily see that there was an apparantly critical patient with oxygen mask and lots of other wires attached to the his body.

It was shoking to see some drivers not only not giving way to the ambulance, but also trying to steal the ambulance of any space being created. There were a couple of drivers who tailed the ambulance so that they could move fast out of the traffic! Probably civilians have been mutated to be barbarians now who understands the pain only when they get hurt themselves