Blogging in Pakistan

Thanks to Ammar (;, I was fortunate to attend the First National Bloogers Conference in Pakistan today in Regent Plaza, Karachi.  The anchor of the program (unable to recall his name right now) informed us that this was the first of its kind not only in Pakistan but also across South East Asai & Middle East. 

The dignitaries at the conference included Mr. Raza Haroon (IT Minister for SIndh), Ardeshir Cowasjee (out from his bed probably, had the guts to wear shorts at a formal public gathering), Dr. Farooq Sattar (Federal Minister), Jehan Ara (; President P@SHA, a loveable, graceful personality – also a prominent Pakistani blogger, Rabia Gharib (a very talented and active media personlity) and of course me, a blogging newbie.

The session overall, although less interactive and more prose, was interesting and informative and worth attending.  Infact, it was one of those “Don’t miss it kinda events”.  Sessions about social media (by Ramla), photo blogging and blogging in Urdu very particularly interesting.

I had the opportunity to talk to Raza Haroon at High Tea where he emphasized that he was surprised not to have recieved any one from the IT industry since he took office one year ago.  Raza SB, probably more encouragement is sought from the government to be convinced enough to reach your office for suggestions and feedback. This however was an excellent initiative by the Government of Pakistan and could not have been more well timed. Well timed because bloggers have the power to safegaurd and potray the right image of Pakistan. To avoid the damage being done to its reputation by foreign parasites and cancerous elements from within the society.

As Farooq Sattar said, “Say No to Taliban and say Yes to Pakistan.””

Pakistan Paindabad!!