It “is” the right code of conduct

When I talked about reckless driving and uncivilized behaviour, I had either not observed or thought about the trend setters.  Recently, many new government (read democratic) vehicles have popped up on the roads of Karachi that have assumed the role of road warriors.  They can overtake you from the left, disobey any signal or speed limit, press horn as long as they wish to, may even block your car or engage themselves in a one-sdied road tussle with you. This can be irrespective of the presence of a family, pregnant women, senior citizens or kids inside the other non-government vehicle. Mostly, the driving seat is either occupied by chauffer or a young man apparantly not old enough to hold a high enough governmental post to be eligible for a high-end vehicle.

Since we follow democracy and have a people’s elected government, therefore those who elect follow suit with the elected. Natural and  justified.