Trip to Dhaka

The plane landed 15 minutes before time. After going through the long queue of immigration, we had an ctive clearance session. The black fat lady with a coarse voice at the counter had some reservations about the company marketing stuff that passengers attending the e-banking conference were carrying. She tried to tell me something in Benagli and then said “Take it there!”, pointing to some distant place away from the exit door.

I thought she was stupid. We were supposed to leave the airport through exit, so I just picked my luggage and walked away. She did nothing. Probably seeing us off was not part of her duty. Those who walked in the direction of her finger later realized that she was not actually using her index. It took them 3-5 hours to understand that. Those stuck at the airport with their luggage couldn’t really explain to the customs people the need for banners, brochures and giveaways in a conference. I would recommend the airport authorities to have an intro class on events from me or on common sense by anyone sensible.

There are two exit terminals at Zia Airport. One to exit from the airport, the other to confuse people. Those who arrive and those who come to pick the arrived.  I used a taxi driver’s phone, who seemd really courtesous and forcefully gave his mobile in my hand, to call my partner who was waiting for me on other terminal.  After the call, the taxi driver all of a sudden knew english and asked me for 20 Tk for the local call, or probably cell phone rent for 60 seconds. Very Expensive.

Welcome to Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh!